HELP: How to create ASWD movement and a joystick

So, I’m trying to create a game where it has both ASWD key movement but also a joystick movement. I plan to export the game to the app store, but I wanna make it mobile friendly. I have already found a way to make a joystick from another forum post, but now, my old arrow key movement doesn’t work, except for the jumping part. I’m not very good with all this block coding, so if possible, I need easy to understand directions. Thanks!

Here is my so far game: Flowlab Game Creator - New Game


You should basically just connect WASD with the movement and also have the joystick connected there. The one thing you need to make sure of is that you don’t move twice as fast when using both WASD and joystick at the same time.

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Bro that’s gonna complicate things


You can use an “AND” Logic Gate to detect when both the joystick and WASD are on, then turn off a switch to the movement. When the inputs are no longer active you can turn the switch back on, allowing the character to move again in that direction (Also a quick note, your game isn’t using a joystick, it’s buttons)