Help. How to go to next level

This is meant to work so that when the hippo eats the grass that an alert appears. Then once clicked, we go to the next level. But I’m not getting the alert or going to the next level.

From Flowlab

You will have to re-locate that destroy behavior. If you place it before any behaviors that have YET to activate, those behaviors will terminate regardless. That is why you must put the destroy behavior at the very end. But just by looking at the concept of this game, I assume you want the grass to disappear before the alert appears. (Meaning; from the look of what you are trying to do, you can’t put the destroy behavior at the very end anyway). I do have a solution for that.

-First off, delete the destroy behavior. Along with the Alert and NextLevel behaviors.
-Connect the collision with TWO “Message” behaviors (NOT “Mailbox”). Just name both messages “1” with no spaces.
-For the first message, make it send to your grass object.
-For the second message, make it send to your object object.
-We are still looking at the grass behavior window, correct? In that case, select “mailbox” trigger (with nothing connected yet). Make sure to name the mailbox “1” with no spaces.
-Now, select a “destroy” behavior and connect it with the “mailbox” trigger.

And now we have to move on to the hippo object. So in that case, exit the grass behavior window. Now go click on the hippo object and go to behaviors:
-Select the “mailbox” trigger and make sure to name it “1”.
-Connect the “mailbox” trigger with Alert behavior. Customize your alert accordingly.
-Finally, connect your Alert’s “click” output with “NextLevel”. Select the level accordingly.

Your welcome :slight_smile:

*Just note that the hippo does not have to receive the “1” message to travel to the next level. It can be connected to any object. If you plan on having plenty of behaviors for the hippo, I would recommend to send little behaviors like that to other objects just for the sake of knowing what you’re looking at in the hippo window.

And grazer, if you’re reading this, I hope you see why I wanted messages to send to more than one object :slight_smile:

If there’s a simpler way to do this, feel free to chime in anyone.

Thanks a lot! I’ll try this out.

You wrote:

For the second message, make it send to your object object.

What do you mean there?

OK, here’s what I have so far:

For the grass:

From Flowlab

For the hippo:

From Flowlab

It’s not working but I trust you can tell me where I went wrong. Thanks!

OK, I think it’s about working. I neglected to see the Collision message to send to the hippo.

“Object object” should have been “hippo object.”

Now everything is working nicely.

Sorry man I’m so out of it today lol.

By “object object”, I meant send it to your hippo object. Lmao.

Yes, for the grass behavior, make sure to connect “Collision with hippo” to BOTH messages.

Make sure one message behavior is being sent to the grass, and the other to the hippo.

Then you should be good.

If it doesn’t work, I do have another solution we could try.

Also, how did you get the pictures to show up? That’s my question.

Which pictures? The speech bubbles and characters are all Uploads.

I tried to reuse the bundle on the next level but it wouldn’t work. I made sure all the Messages were referring to the correct Objects but no luck.

I’m happy with progress though. The game proper begins on the fourth level.

Not the uploads, the entire picture that you copied and pasted in the comment section.

-I tried to reuse the bundle on the next level but it wouldn’t work. I made sure all the
-Messages were referring to the correct Objects but no luck.

Post your game’s link? I would like to take a look at this. This would honestly depend on what’s happening.

I used an embed code from my Picasa Web gallery.

Here’s the link:

Thanks for any suggestions!!

I assume you’re stuck on trying to go to the next level when the flame hits you. If you want to travel to the next level, go to the flame’s behaviors and setup the following:

Collision (hippo) - NextLevel

See? You don’t have to use the same bundle. If there is a different concept that requires going to the next level, make sure you set up a reasonable trigger to access the next level.

And care to share that embed code with me? I’d love to know how to post pictures…it’d help a lot in my forum posts.

If you have an image at a particular URL you can use the HTML:

Grazer does this but he has access to uploads on

I use Picasa (hate Google+) and it allows links including embed codes for each photo. Google+ only seems to want to let me share something on Google+. Grr.

I’ll try your NextLevel suggestion. Thanks.

It worked!

Well, to be fair, all you need is to take a block, and all you need to do is connect a collision with a next level behavior.

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