(help) How to make a dash

So in awakening i want to make a dash for the player
and yes it’s sooooooooo simple but…

i want it to have 3 secs cooldown(which i can do too) and u can’t dash while the air(jumping)(this is the problem)
i can’t solve this

please help :slight_smile:

Make it to where jumping turns off the dash switch.
Landing turns it on, but only if there’s no active cooldown

Just what jngthree said, it’s not that hard lol. I’ve expected some more skills from you :open_mouth:

i already did that and that “poops” the cooldown u can spam the dash when u are in the floor

i think i have to make it all again
it haves a lot of switches
and yeah i should work more frequently my head with this

like running? simple if that’s what u mean
just add to ur number connected to velocity and subtract when they stop running.

that’s also how u do ducking with the size block

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I am soo dumb.