Help I can't access the color menu

Yeah so in the sprite menu, the browse thing is blocking the colors so i’m limited to the colors flowlab has chosen. If there is a way to pull the tab down?

Weird, Browse is behind it for me, try clicking browse again.
Are you using a Computer, Mac, Chromebook, or a phone?

I have the same issue on both a mac and chromebook. My reccommend ation is to import an image then take the eyedropper and choose the color you want.

I have the same issue as well but you can just about reach the button if you try enough.
Just try to find it

@16batemangibneycha that works sometimes, but on a chromebook you physically cannot click it. I have a mac, however, and use that for sprite editing.

So can you just not use the sprite editor on chromebook? but it also does this on mac??
@meburningslime @grazer

YesScreenshot 2020-05-16 at 8.33.33 AM

My layout is the same press between upload and download see how there is a slightly lighter bit it’s around there. Once you choose a colour it lights up and you have a visual indicator.

@16batemangibneycha the difference is im on a chromebook, which means my mouse moves more pixels per bit than yours.

Im using windows but I finally snuck my way into the button


I cant sneak it in there again so I might just use a magnifier

Beeg news! If you magnify the screen and then enter the sprite menu, it moves the menu!

If you go into fullscreen it also works

Chromebooks and Macs, I think, @grazer