help i cant make smooth camera

the smooth camera by grazer dosent work help

link to your game that you cant get to work.

ps. make sure its in a camera object, not the player.

ive done that and it dosent work

The Camera is in the Player Logic,
You need to make a new object that follows the player.

Make sure the “Other X” is set to the ‘player’ and ‘1up’

ive done that to ive done the whole thing before but it dosent work

like the expression code it says its invalid

Could you try making the object again @SAWYER? I dont see a camera object in the game.

Does it say that when you try importing the code? or is it just saying that in the expression?
I could try a few edits, but I dont see the camera object in the game to fix the error.

on the expression

ive done it at least 20 times and it says its invalid

and im gonna release my game on today

you know what i think the game is good as it is thanks anyways maybe in the future ill use this forum and remember oh ya i cant do it thanks for the help tho im gonna go release it now

Sorry, I just got back.
If you ever want to try it again, just make the object in the game and dont delete it.
I’ll look for the error and show a fix for you with a screenshot.