HELP! I need to change the forward direction of my character, but not rotate the sprite. Any ideas?

I’m trying to make an RPG, (Role Playing Game) and I need an archery mechanic. Originally I was having it aim with the mouse, but that proved to be tedious. I simly want to be able to shoot up, down, left, and right now. The game is viewed from above (i.e. original Zelda). If you have ever done this before, please tell me how you did it. I can"t figure anything out.

Forgot: First time on forum, I don’t know if I’m in the right category :slight_smile:

Well, this type of stuff NORMALLY goes into Art & Sound but still!

Also: I’ll try to make that for you! You’re welcome!

Have a separate object work as the sprite, and have the main object be invisible, and attach the sprite

This stuff NORMALLY goes into Bugs or How To, but the way to do this is to just use the y stats on a velocity block.