Help Jr01 or Latif

Can you guys @Latif @JR01 or anyone else help I’m trying to make a shop can you tell me how to do that thing where when you press the arrow it goes to the next skin

Link to the game

To make any shop, you must know how the save behavior works.
An arrow controlled shop can get really complex and will take allot of trail and error even if you got it together. I’ve made a shop example level that takes the basic form that I could make out of it.
It’s not arrow controlled but you can select/buy mutiple characters.

Try to figure out this shop before trying to make any for yourself: (go to shop level in edit mode)

[The “not used in game” bundles are there because I have the playable character on the shop screen which you wouldn’t usually do if your making a shop in a seperate level]

can you send me a picture for my shop

@JR01 and how would you get the amount of coins from a different level to the shop level

@“Johnny boy” by using the same save that is used to keep track of the coins.
Try to figure out the save behavior, so your coins to go across all levels

Literally nobody asked this question a year ago because people didn’t know this was possible. But since SB2 and The Graveyard have a shop everyone asks how to do it.

Just open the editor and copy it. I won’t be mad if you do it. It’s better than people asking for screenshots, because that’s exactly the same.

Yeah @Latif since I created my shop in DRIVE, I’ve been seeing allot more asking about a shop.
That’s why I made an example shop and posted my first line ^ in bold.

Hey of anybody here has played Terraria I’m trying to make the merchant NPC. Help?

Normally I would bot ask for help for a simple shop, but this…

@meburningslime, the example shop I linked to is somewhat simular to the one in Terraria.
Having an idea of how this shop works, you could remake it to unlock/buy items for your character instead. You would just need to affect the character (more behaviors) directly to give access to those items.


Making a shop is way easier than I thought!

Glad to hear @“Johnny boy”,
I tried to make the most basic version but to be make specific stuff for shops, you’ll need personal experience.