Help Latif!

@Latif I think your games are the bestest… but just try to play Update. Kill.

What’s wrong with

I enter the game and everything just starts falling except the user. Thanks for looking into it!

Uh oh! Latif making a mistake?! Never seen before! lmao

But fr @Latif your games are really superior.

@AddoPlayz I agree 100 percent

They so are! I mean like, how? How could @Latif do that without that much to go off yet make so many original styles such as ( in The Graveyard) the fading screen when switching between levels. I COMPLETELY agree, @AddoPlayz and @meburningslime , completely.

The Graveyard is also kinda broken, though. The Skeleton-in-a-box es just fly off the screen!
PS it’s and even more deadly enemy now because i fell off my chair laughing at it…