Help Me Find My Problem!

Can someone look at my game on level 1 and help me find out why my character only moves a little bit when you press the buttons on the screen? It would be very helpful thanks!

As in like mobile control buttons?

@CrimsonBlackGames Yes

Seems to be working to me - maybe you fixed it already?

It should be working perfectly fine were you only pressing it once cause you have to hold down the button

@deeloonie Yes I was holding down the button and it wasn’t working. Did you go down to game levels and go to level 1. Cause when you play the game, that first part isn’t called level 1.

@01ddgodwin I havent looked, but my initial guess is that the keyboard behaviors arent set to repeat

In order to fix that, open up the objects behaviors, and click the nodes, and check repeating

That aught to fix your problem. Have a good day, and happy creating :slight_smile:

@CrimsonBlackGames The keys do repeat and work fine. But i’m trying to get buttons on the user interface to do it too.

@grazer no it’s not working, if I take off affected by gravity then it works.

Look at the blocks its standing on. Put friction down and change the shape to square, then change the shape of the character to circle.