Help me fix this bug :<

Sometime when i play i can not pass the block (sorry, my English is bad)
here is my game:

I’m not sure what you mean by “passing the block”. But if your referring to that your character gets stuck on blocks then I didn’t notice anything like that during the gameplay. The game seemed rather bug free and very difficult to beat (which is a good thing cause it adds more enjoyment)
I actually didn’t see anything bugs or glitches in your game. It could be just a loading issue where it didn’t load in all the way for you. This happens a few times, just refreshing the page or reloading the game usually works.

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i have the same thing where i get stuck on top of blocks and i have to jump over it

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Okay yeah, that happened once to me now, I would recommend maybe lowering the friction on the sprites, mainly the walls, but I’m not sure if that will help get rid of the problem altogether, just prevent it. That is a bug within flowlab and i’m not sure if its actually do-able. Maybe someone who specializes in getting around bugs like this might be able to help.

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ok thanks (ThIs MUsT Beee 20 CHarActERs LOnG)