Help me, i am new :(

Can you help me find the reason why sometimes when I open the chest, nothing comes out?
(Sorry I use google translate)

Umm sorry I found it :v

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game link

Sorry i found it :v (my English is suck)
but if you want to try, here: Flowlab Game Creator - Go Back Home


Your english is good, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Your good at making these stuff!

JUst let it send a message or something and do the code to let it pop up example: I touch the chest… it opens with animation and it sends a message for something to spawn in the yeah thats how it works

Hello @Paimon !
I can help you with your issue.
Ah, yes. Instead of a collision with the key, you want to have a collision with the player. On collision with the player (in the key), send the chest a message. In the chest, connect the mailbox to a switch, allowing it to open when touching the player.
This game is really good! Like, really good! The gameplay is insanely fluid, and it could really turn into something!

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Ok, my bad. The chest works fine, and this obviously isn’t what you want to do with the chest :sweat_smile:
THIS IS GOOD! I couldn’t make something like this! It’s extremely puzzle-based, and fun! It’s fun to try to figure out all the secrets. All you need is a story, and you’re all good!


Thank you so much :3

: 3

It’s so good, it feels like you have been on here for a long time, and recognise everything! Really good job!

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