Help me make my first "Real Game"

Game Title: Escape From Hell
Category: RPG
Levels: 8-10
Devs Needed 2: One mainly for artwork and animation. The other for sounds/coding/enemies etc.

If you are willing to participate with me on this project. Please send links to some of your work. I want this game to be a dark fantasy/sci fi RPG with weapon pick ups and a upgrade progression system. Meaning that each level the enemies will be exceedingly more difficult as you get stronger as well. Checkpoints definitely and possibly a way to save your game.

As an example to go off of, this was the second game I made using the free version of flow lab:

We can meet online at certain times and work together, or if you would like to work at your own pace. I don’t have a real job currently so I’m open to whatever times regardless if it’s 3am pst whatever. I can go over a basic story line and design ideas with you as well. I have very little experience with coding but am willing to learn to be as good as I possibly can.
Thank you and I look forward to your replies. - Starpg

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@stargp I can help with your game. I can code half decently and I do good pixel art, I guess :upside_down_face:

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I will be available to help once I get a different game off of my plate, I’ll keep you updated.

title is a misnomer. no games are real. life isn’t even real. we are actually living in the sims 52.

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I know brother, but isn’t it beautiful?

Thanks I’ll be here.

Mello can you help edit the 3 enemies I have so far. I started a rough draft of the first level, but I’m slowly relearning everything it’s been a while.

Ok, but do you have indie?

Yeah. How do I add you to the team?

I added you. Game title is Dexter and Rocky: Escape From Hell

@starpg, I have indie btw too, i can help, just more of a coder. Also, go to profile and make team, then copy the username into invites

Oh you do know I just thought you said how

Perfect I just need mello to build a few more sprites for the opening level and a few kinks worked out with animations/ movement for the enemies. For now. I’ll add you right now.

I am gonna be offline for a bit I am getting a puppy rn :smile::dog:

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Should I remake the existing sprites?

Awesome! I love my pup. Welp I added you I’ll try to be on later so we can talk more about the game. Is there a way we can chat w/o forums on here, just us three?

PM work great, here I will set one up brb

Yeah if you can mello. I need a title screen and for the 3 enemies to just simply look better. Let me know if I’m asking too much. I want better animations too lol

Also, do you know that not alll sprites can only be 1x1?

Yeah mello I forgot how to upscale and I was too lazy earlier. If you can upscale what you see fit that would be good too.