Help me, please help!

I’m making a roguelike/point and click/ platformer/psychological horror game and i need a save system for coins. right now there are two types of ways to get coins from the zombie shooting section and the sleeping/platforming section, I’m try to make it so the coins you get from both sections add to your main coins that are able to be seen in the shop but a cant get it to work. here’s the game:

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I don’t think you know what a psychological horror game is, my friend.

Also a coin system would be easy, you just put the number into the save and have be read somewhere else. I can’t make an example right now though.

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no, then it just replaces the previous number, also the psychological horror is hidden in the dream sequence.

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Hello @shamegame , welcome to the forums! I haven’t seen you around before.
I believe this is what you are looking for.

If you need any more help, feel free to reply, @ me, or come ask a question on the OTC. There is where you will find answers quickest. Best of luck!

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@meburningslime it still doesn’t work, now all the coins from the zombie shooting section don’t apply and the same with the dream sequence coins.

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Is the code in the player or the coin? It should be in the player. Also, make sure that the code is outputted to “read” and “set” for the top part

idk but if you need, here is the game: Flowlab Game Creator - zombie thing @meburningslime

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I assume nathan jr is the player? What is sending the message to him?

@DeadlyGumChewer @good_games @dark_soldier @meburningslime the “dedify” message is coming from the gun in the death sequence and if the coins for Nathan jr get fixed than that’s still only half of the problem, the other half is around the same type of problem but its in the level “zombie killa”.
i just need for the coins you gain from both sections add up in the store so you may get coins from grinding (sleeping and shooting out of the window) and upgrade items in the shop

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…heeelllllooo??? any one still there?

Some people have their own lives, so its better to stay patient and wait. Don’t worry, you will get lots of help soon. But most of us are busy at the moment. I hope you understand. :slight_smile:

Ya I’m kinda bizzy playing Minecraft Im sorry

i’ll try to do it myself but if i still cant i’ll contact someone else thx for nothing :slight_smile:

What is the problem?

I can help you tomorrow if I have time.

Dude chill, we have our own life’s, be patient.

Alright, if you are that desperate
when it collides with coins, plus one in number, save, and message itself, then the message will read amount of coins and set
I apologise for everyone that tries to help you but failed, we are all trying our best to find a solution for you, of course we are not npc. but we need some time in order to help you.

I was to busy again😂

Plus I need to know what you need help with to help u.

We didn’t know plus we though he figured it out. And npc’s were dis that come from? Not trying to be rude just confused.

what i meant was that we are here to help, please give us time

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