Help me please

I want to make a mob that follows the player, only issue is that i dont want it to try to go to the shortest path, i want it to match the players movement and follow the path the player takes instead of trying to chase him through a wall, keep in mind that this is a 0 Gravity game

Is this a platformer or top-down game? Platformers are easy, take a look at my game.
Top-downs are cutting edge. @TinkerSmith , @thebrickccentric and myself are tediously preparing for a way to make this happen, but it involves insane amounts of programming.

hi @meburningslime

@SAWYER um hi

so i found the game and its a platformer

Ok. Then my example should take care of it.


I just made a new Fallow example that I would help.

Fallow Example:

Would this help in a top down game? im gonna test it

Love it @“JR 01” :slight_smile:

its flawed, you cant destroy things that keep respawning

What are you talking about @“The Undying”?
It destroys itself after a set time, forming a trail between where the player has been and the time set.

Also I made a top down version in Level 2.

yes but you cant damage it as the player

Never mind i gave them very weak hp so the player has to hit them 3 times before it is destroyed, thanks for the great idea, im going to make a post featuring a new mob on my game that is very hard to kill check it out

If you want a simple solution that works, but isn’t the absolute best, you can copy the “enemy” block, the “player” block, and the “footprint” block from my top down game here:
Basically, the player leaves a trail of footprints and the enemy aims for the nearest one. Once it touches a footprint, it deletes all the ones that are older than that footprint so that the enemy doesn’t get caught between 2 footprints. The footprints disappear over time, meaning that the enemy won’t pick up on the player’s trail from 5 minutes ago or whatever.
I’m no expert, so this is only rough pathfinding; take it for what you will.

EDIT: Sorry JR 01, I didn’t see your example already there. It’s probably a lot better, so please ignore this.

no, maybe i can use this for another mob TheBrickccentric