Help me pls with many things

In my game, my character collects mint candy in the store and I want the first mint candy to say what it is and what it’s useful for. How do I do that? Also, I need help making a store option and choosing what to buy. How do you make npcs that say something? How do you make an animation cutscene? How do make a title screen?

Also I have a shop example you can try that may help.

Shop Example:

Also, I have an arm cannon weapon that shoots energy balls and if you get roboticized (a sonic thing) you’ll have a laser gun arm robotic thingy, I want you to be able to press the fire button without it showing the arm cannon animation. There are invisible blocks, How do you fix that? How do you combine sprites? thx for the shop thing. Also, how do you animate background objects? They don’t have behavior options when I look at them. How do you change a sprite when you go into my roboticizer thingy? I want there to be roboticized tails but I need to change his sprite for it to work for walking and firing the blaster he gets from the roboticizer. One more thing, how do you make text pop out of nowhere and the disappear? So sorry for have that many questions. Ihhhhhhh…

Background objects cannot be animated. You can give their sprites an animation, but it is pretty much useless since you can’t activate them.

mk I’ll ask grazer to update it so they can be animated.

Just make a not solid object with the animations, and make it on the lowest layer
(which is in the object settings under the name)


How do you make npcs that say something?

@Tailsthefox#1 my game, A-Box, contains several instances of what can be used for NPC Dialogue. The simplest example is the info object you find in the main level in the beginning of the game. The others have special timers and whatnot to make them feel more alive. If you want to check it out, the link is below:

A-Box (2019)-

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Okay, I see how it works.

I still need help with lots of things tho…