Help me with mobile repeating

please help me with mobile repeating i have no idea on how to make the mouseclick behavior repeat


Find the game, Ace Vanguard on, it has good mobile controls.

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sorry i tried to copy da behaviors for dat game but it would not work. is there any other tutoriols or stuff

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Yes, go to flowlab, click the help tab, and click helpful examples.

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Alllll righty. I’ve gotten pretty good at mobile controls. SO, you have buttons. IN EACH BUTTON, there is an always going through a switch, which then sends a message to your player to move. When the mouseclick is up, turn the switch off. When the mouse click is down, turn it on. You can name the messages whatever you want, but I advise naming them what the directions are. ALSO, put a mouseclick DETECT CLICKS ANYWHERE in your player. When mouseclick is up, set velocity on BOTH AXIS to 0. Drag in a run and jump, and replace the keyboards with your mobile messages.

Here’s an example:

IN THE CONTROLS (the mobile checking is optional):

IN THE PLAYER (keyboards and animation optional):


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Device check won’t work unless the game is downloaded from play store or app store.

Because, if they’re on mobile and they play your game from google, or safari for example… it counts as desktop. It won’t count it as mobile. (I was trying it for another game I made and found that out)

tnx i hope dis will work

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ok i figured it out i cannot thankyou enough for all your help tnx so much

i did your code because my character won’t stop moving, but it still won’t stop. here’s what i have so far. what am i doing wrong?

do u mean my game unlikely heroes or someone else?

because my game has good controls but there is room to improve

can i have the name of ur game coz then i could see what u did wrong

Make sure the object is movable and isn’t effected by gravity…

someone else, replying to hihilogic ^^

@Yorkie2323 i did that already :((

@Conal_Game_Studios here’s my game so far:
though it says wasd on the arrow keys i still haven’t done the keyboard settings because i’m sadly making it on a mobile phone, it’s only mouse click at the moment.

ok so do u want mobile controls or keybord controls

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have the controls the other way around. When the button is pressed, the switch is on, letting the sprite move. On up, it stops the message


quite a late reply, but after messing around for a while, I finally got it to work! I’m a bit dumb and didn’t get how to stop it lol. Thank you for all your help! <33