HELP ME WITH THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m starting to make this game and I would like peoples opinion on whether it is good or not and should I keep going. if I continue it will be an open world adventure game where you adventure the world post zombie apocalypse. i am constantly making new types of zombies and am constantly wanting suggestions for new ones. here it is remember I just started so this is less than a demo.

Looks like a good start! I especially like being able to pick up new armor from the ground.

Thank you I know I have a long way to go

does anyone know how to make enemys drop items when killed it sounds simple but I’ve never tried

armor gives you one extra life
cop zombie kills you even if you have armor
mom zombie added drops baby zombie when killed
business zombie added
spaceship zombie added
sky world added
character appearance changed
constant enemy spawning
ally added
some enemys drop items
SPEED SUIT added makes walking right speed faster
you can no longer stack armor
zombie will now follow you
music added

how do you like the new update? @RageDayz @Luminous @“Pixel Master 74”

still fixing some bugs

need to expand the worlds a lot please give me idea’s for new zombies and flying enemy’s mainly for sky world

any Idea’s for zombies


doesn’t anyone like my game?

i want to change the name of my game just because there are already so many games with this name. if anyone has any ideas please tell me.

my game currently has 80 plays if it gets to 100 plays I will put whatever kind of zombie you want in the game! I will also thank you in the description unless you don’t want me to . when or if my game gets to 100 plays just say jesse can you mention me on the description and, tell me if you want me to make a certain zombie into the game! I will give you a special thanks if you heart it and will say anything about you (if it is appropriate) if you ask!

I am also looking for a new name and am open to suggestions

I have decided that when/if i get 100 plays I will show you my first ever game trust me it is disgusting it is probably the worst game I have ever played

WOO! Someone favorited my game please tell me who you are for a special thanks in the description! I will also say what you want me to say about you!

please take snapshot where it says you favorited if you want me to give you a special thanks in the description! then tell me what to say

I really wasn’t looking forward to this. now that there is 100 plays I will show everyone my TRASH first game and…well here it is

I’m sorry

anyone? wow