Help needed to dial in my enemy emit:


In my new game Nina Nano, i want the enemies to emit “debris” when they die. I have the emit force set to 1, but the debris is still too fast. Is there a way to make my debris emit a little more slowly rather than flying immediately off the screen?

Here is my work in progress:

Thanks for the help!


I think you meant to link to:

Tiny objects will move really quickly with even a small force. You could mitigate this by:

  1. Turning the physics drag way up (in game settings). This will cause everything moving to lose velocity every frame, slowing down the particles.


  1. Cheat the physics by making the actual debris sprite large (so that the physics shape is large and will move slowly) but add a single frame animation that plays when the debris is emitted, so it still shows up as a small particle.

Thanks @grazer the physics cheat worked perfectly. is it better to fill the sprite frame (non-animation frame) completely and dial in the force? or try to dial in the amount of pixels and pick a constant force?

Hey, glad it worked. I don’t know if either approach is better - whichever seems easier is probably the way to go :slight_smile: