Okay, so I’m making a spin-off and I want the player to be able to grow longer! Here’s what I have so far (IGNORE ALL SPRITES THEY ARE JUST FILLER!).

I was thinking maybe I could add an object to follow the player’s…butt, but I couldn’t get anything to work…

Anyone have any ideas what to do?

(Just a couple of people who came to mind)
@“JR 01”

Not bad, this could work but I suggest to try using a set value for a short timer then to delete the object. You can change the value with a Global variable now. and increase the timer (which will also increase the tale).

Ah crap, I forgot I’m on a team that you added for this game.
All I changed was the “Black Body” object, so you may want to add those behaviors back.

Sorry about that, I believe it was a timer that went down 1% to the size behavior.

Yeah… it’s okay you DESTOYED MY GAME!!!

JK, it’ll take me about three seconds to fix it.
I did take you off the team, FYI, cause I think I’ll just use another idea I had.

@“JR 01”

Yeah, all I needed to do was copy paste the behaviors and done!

So don’t sweat anything bruh!