Help on font

I just wanted to know how to changed the font size, underline, and bold words in the discretion of my game.who ever helps me will get a free shout out on my youtube channel (GrimWither) and will get there name in the description of my game( and will help you when ever

No offense kid, but a shoutout on a 5 subscriber channel with no current videos isn’t much to offer, plus people around here generally just help for free, I don’t know how to do it personally but most people don’t read the descriptions anyways

Well I was going to make a video soon and I wanted to make the font bigger so people would rad the discription

I agree with @MagmaDude100. For some reason the bold and underline don’t work, at least for me. @GrimStudioz when you click on the Lable tab it will show different options and there will be a sliding bar in it. Slide the bar to change the size of the font. If you want to change font then there’s a drop down menu near the top below the speech box. Also no offense, but you might need to work on your typing skills because I am having a hard time understanding what you actually wanted.

oooooof this should help

hey @GrimStudioz the descriptions use Markdown. If you click the link above the description edit box, it will take you to a page that describes how to format your text. For example, to make your text bold wrap it in two asterisks like this:

bold text here