Help on jumping animation

I was needing a jumping animation to my player. I was able to apply the jumping sprite by connecting a simple system up to the “Run and Jump” using the attacher tool. It works perfectly when he is facing right, he jumps facing right. But when he is standing, facing left, he still faces right in the jumping animation. I tried hooking up a flip system to the jump sprite to work when the sprite is facing left. But Ive tried so much and cant seem to find a way to make the jump animation face left when the standing animation is also facing left, or when the player is moving left. Can any good designers please come up with a system to help me with this? Please. Thank you!

link to your game?

I also need help with adding animations. I know how to add and hook up the animation tool from reviewing your Monkey Game. But I don’t know how to add the animation I need

Are you asking how to create an animation? To do that:

  1. click on your object and select “edit”
  2. click on the sprite to open the sprite editor
  3. click the animation tool (looks like a film strip)
  4. click “create new” near the top of the window, and name your animation

At this point, you can add new frames, adjust the speed, and test the playback