Help: Sounds OK in editor but bad when playing

This may just be my computer, but I really have a feeling it isn’t. Ok so I use one of the sounds built in from flowlab, specifically battle 2, it is my fav right now. It sounds perfect in the editor, but right when I switch to run the game, it literally sounds like a nuke. It isn’t just battle 2 tho, I have tried al of them, and all of them seem to make a noise they are not supposed to. If it is only in the editor where it is working, then I would guess it is not my computer.

Never use the always trigger. Change it to once–sound

OMG I NOOB THANK YOU @Ramshacklegamestudios

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Also, people are fast to reply…

oh cool a new noob
your going to love this community (most of it anyway)