Help with a turn system

On my RPG I want to have a turn system. I think I know how to but I’d like some help with professionals such as @grazer

Describe in a little more detail what you have in mind. Do you mean like a standard RPG style battle system where only the encounters are turn based? Or do you mean an entirely turn based game?

Or, maybe you mean something else entirely?


With your 4 basic actions being attack, spare, negotiate, and flee


So you are going for an Undertale style game? If you are, that would be pretty cool…
But definitely not easy to program… Good Luck with that Mate, Good Luck…

Ive changed my game, its now just attack or die

nice, give me a link?

You need to go to my profile page- revenge is in one of them

k ty

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@jngthree what is the game called?



I am working on something similar

wow, exceptional job @gatol!

thanks @Tommyx2x14