Help with camera mechanic

In the game trash vs. Reality there is a camera mechanci where if you put you mouse at the side it would show the other side. how?


You can use filters to see where the mouse is and have the camera move when the mouse passes that position. This will be dependent on the screen size of the game.

Mouse β†’ Greater than 300 β†’ move camera right
Mouse β†’ Less than 20 β†’ move camera Left


Sorry how to do up and down camera then sir? @JR01

Where do i put this code in?

And which mouse?

I’m assuming it would be Mouse Move, since it detects the UI location of the Mouse on the screen.

Mouse Click only detects when your mouse clicks, or when you are hovering over a specific object.


The way you said it sounds like you just wanted to move the camera between 2 areas, but you can do this by filtering the mouse Y too.

Where ever you put the code for the camera. I also suggest to not use auto camera with this.

Mousemove gives you the x and y location of the mouse. Mousepoint isn’t a behavior, I think you meant point-at which just rotates the object to a location inputted.