Help with Checkpoint

I NEED HELP! Can someone make me a small game or show screenshots of checkpoints plz? @Latif3 @jngthree or @Luminous700 or any others pleazzzzzze help!

[Please leave the link to the game when asking about a problem or for help]

You need to know how the save behavior works
or just spawn the character on that spot without restarting the game.

Ill leave the game link.

Saves are used to save a number to a name; such as Checkpoint = 0.
Saves keeps the number whatever was given to it and saves the number even when the game is off.
So that name will equal that number on or off the game unless a new number is given.

That way, if you restart a game, the number will still be the same.
The number will still be changed if it was changed later in the game.

Saves are perfect for checkpoints

Why did you need a game link to explain that?

Cause if he already attempted to create the checkpoint and tried to use saves, I could look and see what could be fixed or changed to make it work. I try to help for what they already try to do, I don’t make it for them. It’s also better to learn the problems that way.

I tried to make another checkpoint but I failed. AGAIN! Help again!

Yes I did try to do a checkpoint but it failed so I deleted it.

You need to use the save behavior, sending a message doesn’t send when replaying a level.
Since you made a checkpoint object, I’ll show you what you can do in the object and the checkpoint bundle you made.

(In the Checkpoint object) When touching the hitbox it will save Checkpoint =1.
You can also put this in several different checkpoint objects that use a different number:
part 1

(In the Checkpoint bundle in the player) You will set to what will happen when starting/restarting the level.
I only made it save to 1, but saving other numbers can start you at different locations:
part 2

Thank you so much. I Even found out how to make one myself.