Help with Checkpoint

I have a rough idea on how to do it but everything iv tried doesn’t work when im trying to make a check point for my game

This is my code for my block which once I touch i want it to respawn me next to it
flowlab code

This is the code for my character
flowlab code 2

I’m not sure why at this point it isn’t respawning where i wanted it to, iv looked at numerous examples on how to do it but none seem to work for me, help is appreciated thanks :smiley:

Nah mate

take a look in my fireball player and my checkpoint behaviors.


@“canadian Guy103”, New comments always get pushed to the top and may push discussions down that may need help.

I answered the checkpoints on the other discussion, so please check that out. If you need any other help then please check the discord or create a new discussion or message me and I can help you as soon as I can.

can you send the link of the discussion,
canadian Guy 103

… I did… ^^^