Help with dialogue

Hi there! I am working on my first flowlab game and I am struggling to understand how I can make dialogue between characters. I followed through Deadly_Smile’s helpful dialogue explanation and copied the code exactly as shown, but the character either doesn’t react or all of the dialogue appears at once. I can’t figure out if I’ve copied something incorrectly or maybe if I just don’t understand what the tutorial is saying? You can look through it here:

Thank you!

UPDATE: I have attempted to follow a different tutorial to no avail. Im just not sure what im doing wrong :sob:

hey, what object has the dialogue code inside it? can’t find anything anywhere.

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Hi, apologies I got frustrated and went down a rabbit hole and I am now playing around with the label/ dialogue bundle by Samuel_PixelPizza. Thank you for your help!


I think with the semi new attached labels, those are now better than pixel pizzas example

After some playing around, I think I’m a bit closer but I still am having trouble getting multiple lines to show up after one another. I’m attaching a screenshot. Any help is appreciated <3 :man_bowing:

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Here’s where I’m at! I have an object on the UI layer that holds the information for the label and my plan WAS to make the object destroy itself and simultaneously spawn in the new object with the new dialogue options. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it to work and as it is this runs SUPER slow so I’m gonna keep messing with it :sweat: thank you to everybody who has reached out!

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