Help with emit position

Flowlab Game Creator - Arena of The Shattered Realms(Not Completed) there is 5 random attacks he will do if you are in range, he will either do a charge attack, an basic attack, and ultimate attack(you will see energy raining down, at some point I will implement a way to stagger him, but go to edit and back out to cancel this, he wont stop doing it, which is purposful) and he does a range attack, which is an arc, Idk why but it keeps emitting from behind him rather than from the front, which is what i want.

change the angle that it emits at

what would the angle be to have it centered on the emitter @Galactian

nevermind, it seems like its because of the huge size i made the sprite, I cannot fix the size for certain reasons, but I think If I put an always+eval-position and put a once-make position equal that of the emitter it should be work out, though it might look a bit janky I dont have much of a choice

what direction is the sprite? ive found that when the forward direction is left, if it emits normally it still emits right