Help with Inventory II (SOlved)

My game:
My goal for this inventory is to have a minecraft style inventory, where the order depends in which sequence of the objects are collected. AKA: if you get the banana before the apple, the banana shows up before the apple, then vise versa and so on. I plan to add more types of items, but I only have the two types. This way you must prioritize the objects you collect.

If anyone has any solutions, please help.

Its not perfect and I need to update it, but here’s a item check inventory.

Advance inventory:

Up to my knowledge, this can only be done with extremely advanced programming. You would need to make separate inventory slots for each, then create an animation for every item and have opaque numbers that become visible when you gain an item, and have a messaging system that tells the other blocks when to not activate from other items.
You could do something like this.
If your compuer is too small brained to handle that, use this.

While my computer cannot load the terraria example, so I will go with JR01. Thank you both for your help!