help with jumpy Adventure V.3.0

hey someone help me with this game plz i need this to be able to when you hi a spike you don’t restart the game until you hit (0) Health then it restarts the game could someone help me out i had already made a post or two on this game i have 3 games and like 1 person helped me 1st one and the second one 2 helped me could others help me plz here is my game""

it’s actually simple.

but i cant explain it. ._.

well here is my log in
Password is 1234567890

yes ima diabetic


(Simple doge) Is this supposed to be an easy game?

  • added hp mechanic
  • smoother movement
  • slightly tweaked some designs
  • added animations to some stuff
  • spikes are slightly less hazardous

I know. Look at the code here: