Help with loading sprites and to save their conditions (Ongoing))

i want sprites with their skin to be loaded to the next level.


Hi, I think there are multiple ways to do this. Could you please link the game? I need to see how your skin system works in order to giver proper help.


Flowlab Game Creator - Marble run

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Thanks, let me look into it.

Which object should I look into? The map is huge.

Marbles, Boy you do respond very quickly!

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Okay thanks.

It doesn’t look like there is a object named “marbles” exactly. let me keep looking

Is it “ball”?

Ohhhh yes, whoops, kinda forgot that i named it ball instead of marble lol

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Okay nice! Is it alright if you could give more context to the situation here?

so when ball hits portal, it will load to the next level with its skin, like green, cyan, star etc. and when i do load it into that level, the same ball with the same skin will appear in there

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I do see this code which is probably the main thing here:

So do you want the ball to save their skin individually?

yes. with its own animation

Okay, I’ll try some things to see what works.

ok, please take your time, i don’t really like to rush people.

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Is it alright if I give some advice?

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alright then, what is it?

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I feel this feature is pretty unnecessary. Its not like the player will remember the skin and it will matter.