Help with Platform!

I am trying to do this Kinetic Platform, but I can’t seem to do this. I have tried and tried and tried, but I can’t seem to do this. In this link,, the platform is a purple color. Please reply fast.

Thanks a lot. U gave me loads of help

I see you copied my New Platform Example lol, but easy fix.
The collision needs to be set to the “coollision” object.

Also thanks for pointing out the spelling error I did,
these objects are know as “Kinematic”, not “Kinetic”.

So I am trying to make this by myself/on my own. Can you record or show how it is done so that I can make it myself?

It should work now, just need to apply the coollision where you want.


Thanks for helping me out! I have another question @jr01. So I want to make spikes that will appear and disappear. For example, they appear for 3 seconds, and then they disappear for 3 seconds, then it appears for 3 seconds and disappears for 3 seconds, and have that cycle over and over again. You know, like in the other games.

Use a timer set to 30 to a toggle switch that outputs to True and alpha.

The outputs of the switch can be;

–> True
–> 100 --> alpha

–> False
–> 0 --> alpha


Again thank you for helping me with those spikes. How can I make a platform that moves up and down?

I have more platform examples in my other 2 kinematic examples.
I’ll make a smooth up and down later.

Platform ideas:

Kinematic ideas:

@jr01, I want to make 3 levels, but it works so that level 2 can’t be unlocked until I beat level 1 and the same thing with the other levels.