Help with random asteroids

So im making a game for school. It is sort of like the game asteroids. Im trying to make the asteroids spawn at random spots, but only along the side of the screen, not in the middle. this is the game. If anyone can help me that would be great. Sooner rather than later plz. Thank You!


First, welcome to the community, great to see new faces,

Second, amazing game art, did you make it yourself? Really good art and game mechanics,

Third, I would make a new object and use the “random” behaviour to spawn or emit new astroids, or something along those lines. Tag people like @JR01 to help by using the @ button and typing a username

There are several ways to go at this, but how about try having several outside spawners that emit Asteroids into the game?

Thanks. I did the ship, missile, and asteroid sprites, my friend did everything else

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Thanks. will consider

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The stuff that was said was valid, but how do i make the outside spawners move to spots not on the main screen

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You could either have the object teleport around the game and emit the asteroids towards the game.
Or if your using several spawners, you could just change the rotation that they emit into the game.