Help With Spawning

Here’s the game. Skip to the last world.
I want to make it so the enemy respawns when it collides with spikes, but only at the spawner it came from. But it’s spawning at all of the spawners instead of just one. Any way to fix this?

Post a link to your game

Here it is. Remember to skip to the last world.

Instead of using collision [in evil timmy] with the spike to message the spawner,
you could NAME the spawner on the right and use a collision in the spike to message that spawner (by name) to spawn another.

I forgot about names! Thanks!

Actually, one more thing!
If I have another enemy die, the spike will send messages to multiple spawners and not just the one I want to spawn it to. If you’re confused, go check out the final level.

Create a new spawner, then transmit the behaviors to that one. It will then only go to that spawner, because it’s a different spawner.

Use names.

whatthefudge I’m using Flowlab free so I’m limited on objects. I think I found a slightly better solution of making them respawn on a timer and kill the existing enemies. Thanks anyway!

Use different Names for duplicate spikes,
Collison works with names too.

Like: collision to this spike and name to spawn from spawer and name,
collision to this spike and other name to spawn from spawer and other name.

One cheaty way you couldnuse flowlab free is to make a block that emits the ground, block by block, and then the blocks use positions to generate the world.

@meburningslime, how would making 2 blocks help cheat the system?
It looks like your just making another block just to spawn the first block…

You can use a repeating spawner to spawn multiple blocks.

@meburningslime, I don’t think there is a limit to how many of the same block you can have in a level in a free account. The free version is limited to how many different objects you can have,
not how many you can put down.

Oh, then look at how I did the Grass in Terraria! New (Beta)
Or just look up terraria on the games list.
Anyway, all you need is some raycasts, but if you want a LOT of blocks, test for coordinates and values as well.

I’m getting rid of this thing entirely. I have a better gimmick to replace it with. Thanks for everyone that tried to help!