Help with text list

My text list keeps repeating…
I’m trying to make something that associates your User ID with variables in the game. A manual save feature, if you will. However, my text list reads your name and keeps repeating it…
How to fix? Code below.


Hey @hihilogic, here’s what’s happening:

  1. The Number output is getting activated twice (once from “get”, once from “+”)
  2. Now the list contains two elements pushed onto it: (“1hihilogic”, “1hihilogic”)
  3. The “join” input of the list is also called. Join will join the elements of the list together using the text you pass in (in this case “1hihilogic”)
  4. When you join the two list elements together with the join text, you get the text: “1hihilogic1hihilogic1hihilogic”

Hope this helps.


Thanks man! :grin: