Help with the color behavior

So I’m trying to learn the color block, but I’m still a little confused

  1. How can you change the object back to its original coloring?
  2. What is the digit range for a color? (I.E. 1-300)
  3. How to get white?

Which block do you mean.

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" Colors" It’s under I believe properties
I might just have to use the shader when I get indie back.


Originally color is 100 I believe (in each), white is 255, and black is 0 (on all by the way, for white and black)
0-255 inclusive is the color range.


Sorry to revive this topic, but I have a similar issue and I’m not sure if it warrants creating a new topic. How do I make yellow?

well yellow is just green and red so if you combined those two together it could do a thign

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It just makes a dark blue

idk then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Ok thx for trying