How can i make cursor moves to right and screen too?
In this game

Are you sure the link is right? My web browser says that it doesn’t exist.



Ok, I see what you want to do.
Make a new block, and make it invisible or the same color as the background so you can’t see it. Put a proximity trigger that when the cursor is near it, it sends it a message to said cursor. This message will set the X point of your camera in pixels, not in blocks. In your situation, it will be 448 pixels. It should move the camera to the right by 14 blocks.
Also, do what you did with your cursor, but in the GUI layer. If you do it with the Game layer, your cursor will be so off, and on the opposite side of your REAL mouse cursor.

If that doesn’t work, ask @“JR 01” or @grazer . They can help you better than I can.

Ok, thanks!

NP, dude.

There are several things you could do but @ShadowAxeKid said about most of it.
You could make an invisible object or use a filter from extracting the X (like I did ?) for when moving the camera.

It is easier to use the User Interface layer for cursor objects but there a limits, such as not being able to set the hitbox. If you want a Game World cursor, you need to use expressions (like you have) and have the camera ‘move x’ output go into B. Any transition used will keep the cursor where the mouse is.

This is what I did to move the camera and keep track of the mouse:

(- I deleted the Y expression because your not moving the Y camera here.

  • This also allows you to keep auto scrolling everything you reach the right side.
  • The numbers on the left is suppose to be 0 and 480, they just added up using the expression
  • The filter up top is also suppose to be 480, it too was added up)

While setting the object to blend in w/ the background could work, you might also want to consider just making it not appear

To do this, you need a once, a number, and an alpha behavior

Just connect the three in that order and youre good to go!

Thanks guys!