so im making a game where my guy is going to touch a hammer then the hammer will delete itself and switch to an animation of him holding the hammer, is this possible?

@deer_66 Yes it is, go into the hammer object and do collision with guy into the destroy behavior. Then use the out from destroy Then use the message behavior to send a message to the guy. Then go into the guy and use the out from the message to play an animation.


is there a way to get him to stay on that animation, i selected loop but once the hammer goes away the animation stops.

What do you mean by stay, if you have it on a loop animation it will stay.

when i touch the hammer the animation kicks in but when i move it goes away

is it possible to keep it on all throughout the leval

Yes but if you keep it all throughout the level the walking animation won’t work.

The solution would be to make a new animation with the hammer in it.


okay thanks, and do you know how to make checkpoints so that if you reach a check point and you die then you respawn there instead of at the start?

Yeah I made an example here:

it dosent seem to want to work with mine
see if you can find out whats wrong

In the player, both Saves needs to be named the same thing (bottom is unamed)

its still not working

Yeah, In your Player the save that the switch goes into needs to be named Checkpoint. Also when you send your player to a position it spawns him stuck on blocks.