Hey! So @“The Kodex” @praisetheyuppee and myself are building a horror-style pixel game. I have a problem , however. Howndo I make the darkness blocks be all over the map without having to place every single one and cause major lag?

Have the block the size of the screen instead of small 1x1 blocks and place big massive ones all over the map maybe?

@“The Kodex” I already thought of that. The problem is one flashlight particle would light up the whole map then

Have you tried using the UI layer?

Oh yeah…

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing as @“JR 01”…

Doesnt work. It meeds to detect the light blocks.


Here’s an Idea! You have one big block in ui layer size of the screen and is almost pitch black and you have to press space to make it less dark but if you stop it gets dark again.


@“The Kodex” the only way to make that user-fun is if something bad happens if the light is on, ex the monster knows where you are, or you go slower, ect