So I am trying to follow the character select example. I have everything there but once i reach the numbers, a number is submitted but it doesnt carry on to the filter which causes the character to spawn hence not spawning the character of the players choice. I have tried to re-make it but the same problem occurs. Please help!

example link:

@french.hp, I recommend taking a look at my character shop example.

Shop example:

my character jumps to high and when I press the right arrow it goes way to far, can you help me? (here the link to my game

im checking it out @ethan.zhang2

i went into the behaviors and i see mistakes and alot of them do you want me to tell you or invite me on a dev team ill show you. ok?

@ethan.zhang2 your character has 1.0 density raise it gradually to fix the jumping bug.

look @glithctyrus here: