How do i make it so that when you score in my game the ball goes back to the position it was at the beginning of the game

Hm… Get an extractor for the ball, have it ONCE connect to it, and search for the balls X position. Have that extractor connect to a (Set) Number, and connect the number to a (X) Position behavior.
Have a “Collision with goal” connect to the (IN) of the number, so now when you score, the ball teleports back to the middle area.
You can do the same thing for a (Y) extractor, if you want the ball to start in the air, too.

or make it wen it collides to the net make a position that sets it to the middle

That’s what I said… Only I actually explained how.

When the ball collides with the goal it disappears @MhxAr
(If you check it out go to silly kid level)