i need help making a stop sign that goes under the ball after a score and counts to 3 then drops the ball. i have already made it move out of screen and then back in in the right spot but i don’t know how to make the timer reset every time

at the end of the sequence, drag the output of the last node into the timer’s “reset” input. then. once the sequence is triggered again, it will not set an output inless its started again

@jngthree i have it so my timer starts and stop which is good but ti don’t know how to make the # go back to 0 i have it so when its equal to three it subtracts 3 so then its 0 but the next time it counts it goes to 4

Wow, your behaviors are really complicated. Here, I’ve simplified the effect you where hopefully going for. Basically, when the ball hits the ground, it goes to the other players side. The sign has a timing effect built into it’s animation, so you don’t have to use equations or timers or any of that.

Feel free to dissect everything. Oh, and the second level is a mini rpg-style game I’m doing, this time, I’m shooting for the random battle encounter thing.

thanks so so much for that it works a lot better but i am experiencing a glitch with the animation it doesn’t play the whole stop sign turns white
ps your game looks cool from what u have done the graphics are amazing do you make them yourself

@ztg5 Yeah, I made them. Thanks. And the glitch happens a lot. Just refresh the page. If the glitch still occurs, open the stop signs animation and check each frame for a white box. Just erase the image (click the x) and recreate the image. Then copy it, delete the redrawn image and click paste. This should stop that glitch, unless it’s a behavioral glitch and not an animation.

if you want to set the timer to a different number you use an imput of ## on the timer delay

Can you guys help my stop animation doesn’t work on my android tablet and u can hit the back button and go into the editor