Helping with site updates?

@grazer Yes I know I am annoying. I just want to say that I am familiar with html, css (& bootstrap), php and javascript. So I should be able to help you. I’m also familiar with MySQL and phpMyAdmin. I also have my own website (might share it later in the future because it isn’t done yet) and learned how DirectAdmin works.

I’m not asking for any money. I would do everything for free. I have enough free time that usually goes to waste.

The “my games” page hasn’t been touched for ages. I can improve it, and maybe learn something new.

The games page really needs some more features, like a “most liked”, “most favorites”, “featured”, and “showcase”

Might also be interesting to be able to “Like” or “Star” users, to see users that have a lot of stars, assuming people don’t beg friends or make new accounts for likes

Years ago, and I mean like a decade ago, my site had badges on profiles for years of membership, rewards from contests, and an XP bar that went up when their posts got likes. This could be similar, but counts all user game likes. Really gives people a reason to work hard and be active, the competition. Also, flowjam badges would be a thing.

If you can pull that all off on a demo site, grazer can import it. I also wouldn’t object to user profile CSS.

Hey @Latif hit me up on Discord

I like all of these ideas. I have no idea how to make them possible, but if you guys can, that’d be fantastic. Good luck!