Hey can you guys test my game

I am not done with my game yet but i would like some feedback,and some suggestions on what to add and if there are any bugs.


Looks really good so far! The only things I can recommend is possibly visible bullets, and minor fixes to layering priorities :+1:


This is going to be a great game once you’re done… Here are my thoughts:

  1. Where the water hits the cliff is great, don’t change a thing.
  2. Work on making the gun point at the crosshairs, or add an invisible rotating attachment that shoots out bullets.
  3. I second the above note about visible bullets.
  4. The bridge is a bit confusing, try to make it look more like a bridge, then add a bit of sci-fi for finishing touches.
  5. The transport pod is awesome, I suggest either helicopter blades or flames out the back.
  6. Add more styles of trees to the animation and have each randomly choose one of the styles.

Great start though, I’m looking forward to more updates.


I agree with @Bmarzi - this is a great start!

I also agree that the bullets don’t feel “impactful”. Maybe if you don’t want to make them visible, you could some sort of dust animation or something where the bullets strike. This would provide a little more feedback, since right now it doesn’t seem like the gun does much of anything when you shoot it.

Good work, and I’m interested to see where it goes.


Very nice! Agree about visual bullets or adding impact animations, as it’s hard to tell if my bullets are hitting anything or not. Otherwise, it looks like the basis for an awesome game. :+1:


Great Halo game. But are the Moa invincible? And what if killing the Moa birds would drop Moa Burgers and/or Moa Burger Pringles?

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I think your game looks good,But you need to work on the sound effects.

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The visuals are amazing, especially the birbs :upside_down_face:

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