Hey, could someone play test my game? (0.5 update)

it’s for mobile but I still added buttons for computer! Just rate it or something close to that XD

all updates list:
0.3 fixed speed of enemies.

0.4: Added double jump, more animations coming soon

0.5: Added more stuff to the background, you can now skip intro, added social media/ made mobile buttons bigger, added home

It’s an interesting concept. I am looking forward to seeing how it ends up. Although you might want to add some difficulty because it is pretty easy so far.

@Superstargames Thanks, am going to add some difficulty to it soon! Probably going to be a mode


There an infinite jumping glitch when you get to the highest jumping point and jump again while scracting and you can jump in midair

@glithctyrus thanks for sharing i’ll fix it right now

@glithctyrus did this glitch happen on the night lvl or day lvl?

Its pretty col

@ZXL2027 lol thanks yo

@Gummy that is a really cool concept

@RawHamster Thanks!

also while playing if u want to cheat press the pause button and don’t unpause for awhile. Yes this is a glitch, gonna get rid of pause button soon

Found Something Where Spamming Up (Jump) And D (Attack) Allows You To Beat Every Enemy