Hey do U wanna play my game? :3

Would be really Nice if U play my game and say if its cool or whack and If u find Glitches tell me :))

And another Thing: Can U tell me why the Music Stops after every Level?

It wont really work idk man

So uh, first of all I can’t move lol only jump.

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It is a good game so far! The only thing is that you can not jump, just as @"DinoDev

But, keep it up! Have fun!

You Jump with Spacebar @GameMaster107 @DinoDev

Spacebar: Jump
S:Play Music

after a solid 10 minutes lol

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Noice :DD

Did u like it?

I needed 15 or 20mins and Im the dev wth

Wuz good and very hard. Good work :slight_smile:
This is what more people need, hard obstacles not a bunch of levels.

I love how you took advantage of the spike’s height to make the player figure out how to jump at an angle. Well done.


I think the game was developed lazily, there is no key mechanics, nothing unique.

I will say, congrats for being a new user and making your own art. You have no idea how many times I look at someones game and think “they can’t even make their own sprites?”. This usually tends to be the case for new users, but not for you. Though, there are some things in your game that could be fixed for a cleaner and much better user experience I think it’s neat. If the game had some story behind it, or some type of timer for the player to challenge themselves, it would be a much better game.


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Thx for all the Feedback :d appreciated

I was soooo close to winning :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Told u it is hard :smiley:

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