Hey does anybody have easy little game ideas?

so in my game https://flowlab.io/game/play/1150711 i want to have have a easy to make simple little minigame to put some verity in it.

Maybe a small game about an adorable alien trying to get back to his home planet as he had crashed landed on Earth, but humans I trying to keep him captive, so you would have to avoid them and their weapons/machinery?

Maybe a ball that bounces around, trying to avoid obstacles on the roof and floor, and you have to touch a flag that falls as you touch it, indicating you finished the level?

Maybe one of those will help. Good luck!

@rcreger i has thinking more of a mini game

Maybe a Galaga sort of game? Maybe a guy who is dodging barrels being rolled at him (he does not move, the barrels move, and the player would see how long they’d last)? Maybe those will help :lol:

@rcreger thanks but i want to rehash blocks from the main game to not run out of blocks im thinking of a game that you try to bounce the highest

Oh, I didn’t look at the game… Sorry @lolpinkshep :lol: My bad.

@rcreger no problemo