Hey Does anyone have a shield sprite that i could use?

I need a shield for a game i am making.

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I probably can’t help you since, but one question for those who can.
Like an energy Aura shield or an actual medieval hand held shield?

Welcome to Flowlab, @BrennanS. I am very busy today, so I won’t be able to design one for you, but I am sure plenty of Flowlabbers can help out! Just be sure to specify orientation, if it is in the background or not, and what kind of shield (templar, viking, etc.)

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like a medieval one but just the front view

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I can try to make one for you, 32x32?

Alright, you might also want to specify size and the pixel size, if you want a precised drawing, but it depends on what you need.

Yep, that would be great

Does this work? Sorry I have a really cartoony art style.
pixil-frame-0 (56)

Yep! Thats great. Thanks so much


no problem, glad my art can actually help someone for once, though it sucks.