Hey Grazer, I've got a question.

So some games get the privilege of being featured on FlowLab, then I came to wonder, “What makes a FlowLab game able to be featured?” So I decided to make a discussion to ask you about it @grazer . I’ve been wondering about this a while, and I just wonder what you do to decide if a game deserves it or not. Thanks!

In the past we’ve had forum threads where people nominate and vote on games to get featured. If I see a game that I think just obviously needs to be featured like @todorrobot 's Zombie Beach Party, I’ll add it. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them. Really the only thing I look for is that the game is playable, fun, and looks at least somewhat polished.

Thanks for answering @grazer ! I was actually just wondering how you did it. But if I do have a suggestion, I will leave it here or make a new discussion if this one is too far off. Thanks again!

Actually, how about @“Caleb Strawberry 3” 's Dodge Bounce @grazer ? It was pretty nice, and was infinite, so you can keep on playing it with it being entertaining. The only problem I had experienced was that it had a bit of a lag for me. Thanks!