Hey, guys. How do you make the camera move automatically without moving the character?

LIke if the camera moves, then you hit space and you jump.

Really difficult. But great for hints and cutscenes. Yet I’ve never tried it before

There are two ways, the one that’s easier but not as affective, and the one that takes a crap ton of math but there is no need for a scroll field. One way is to make an object that scrolls FOR you. You can use a scroll view, some timers and a velocity node. Turn off collisions and make it non-solid. But it’s really frustrating, you will need to know this for the timers. 10 in the timer is 1 second. That only inputs once, so the best way to have multiple inputs is using the repeat so 10 with a repeat value of 6 would mean the timer would take 6 seconds but every second during that time you get an imput. So this is really important for setting the path for your automated camera. Then you need to set the imput velocity!